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The Singer Doja Cat Wants To Record a Double Album That Will Feature Pop and Hip-Hop

doja cat

Doja Cat has recently announced the desire to make a double album that will feature hip-hop and pop music. The news about the upcoming project and how it would look like was announced during an Instagram Live on Friday evening.

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One side of the album would consist of seven tracks in the singer's typical pop-rap sound. The other side would feature twelve songs that will mark the artist's new experience in hip-hop music.

For the future album, Doja Cat wants Jay Versace and 9th Wonder to work on the production of the new tracks.

To remind, Versace gained popularity for his funny content on Vine. And then in 2018, he started producing. While 9th Wonder who is considered a true legend in the rap industry has collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, JAY-Z, Drake, J.Cole, and other personalities. In addition, Doja Cat praised both of them for their production skills.

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