Halsey Has a Child! | The American Artist Became a Mother After a Miscarriage
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The Singer Halsey Became a Mother. Halsey’s Baby Boy Name Is Already Known

Singer Halsey shared news about her pregnancy in late January, revealing a series of photos on her Instagram account that clearly showed her rounded belly. And now the artist announced the good news: Halsey has a child! On July 14,  Ashley Nicolette Frangipane gave birth to her first child. Halsey’s baby boy was named Ender Ridley. 

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Halsey's child’s father is the director and screenwriter Alev Aydin. He is 5 years younger than the singer. How long the couple has been together is unknown. The paparazzi first photographed them in October 2020.

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American singer's previous pregnancy ended unsuccessfully. In 2015, right during the concert, the 26-year-old actress had a miscarriage. The reason, according to the artist, was the busy work schedule. After that, Halsey even froze her eggs in case she never managed to get pregnant naturally.

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