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The Son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew, Is Sued for the Rape of a Minor

The Son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew, Is Sued for the Rape of a Minor

The case of the middle son of Elizabeth II, concerning a sex scandal and friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, went to court. Prince Andrew was accused of raping 17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The girl was one of those whom Epstein brought to his mansions and introduced rich friends, including Prince Andrew.

The house, located in the Caribbean, was acquired by the financier for 7.95 million dollars back in 1998. Teenage girls were repeatedly brought there, and all staff on the private island signed a nondisclosure contract when hired. The island was visited by Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and other politicians, lawyers, actors, and billionaires. Interestingly, Donald Trump, who was also friends with Epstein and flew on his private jet, never participated in island orgies: at least that's what the girls themselves say.

The heir to the British throne himself denies everything and was even forced to give an interview to the BBC. The second son of Queen admitted that he often visited Epstein's Island, used his private jet, rested at his mansions, but all this time he had no idea about the dirty details of the scandalous billionaire. As soon as his friend was accused of selling people into sex slavery, the communication supposedly ended, but then a scandalous photo of their conversation in the park appeared. During this walk, the prince allegedly met with Epstein for the last time to personally say that the friendship was over. However, in 2010, Andrew stayed again at his former friend's mansion and during this period underage girls entered the house. The prince insisted that he did not see any of them.

As for the accusations of Virginia Roberts, the prince said that he didn't remember meeting her and is sure that he never had any connection with her. Moreover, he doubts that the photo is not a fake, since he remembers for sure that he was at home with his children that day. Details of the story Roberts told are also at odds with Andrew's testimony. According to the prince's victim, that night they danced, drank alcohol, and her companion was very nervous and sweaty. Andrew stated that he did not drink or sweat due to an excess of adrenaline after the Falklands War. In addition, he claimed that he did not go up to the second floor, where the photo was taken, and would never pose with his arms around the girl's waist. In 2020, Andrew gave up his royal duties in order not to tarnish the family name.

The name of the eighth pretender to the British throne appears in the materials of the criminal case on the sale of people into sexual slavery, for which the billionaire and friend of Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, was to answer before the court. In August, Epstein was found dead in a prison cell, where he was awaiting trial: according to the official version, he committed suicide. However, his death left many questions for those who followed the case. Prince Andrew first faced charges back in 2015 when Virginia said she had sex with the prince three times in the period from 1999 to 2002. According to her, Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with rich and powerful men when she was still a minor. Meetings with Andrew took place at hotels in London and New York, as well as on a private island owned by Epstein. One of the pieces of evidence was a photo in which 17-year-old Virginia is captured next to the prince.

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