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The Streaming Platform Netflix Launches Kids Clips Feature for Watching Short Videos

Netflix’s new Kids Clips feature. Source: Netflix Kids
Netflix’s new Kids Clips feature. Source: Netflix Kids

Netflix is ​​launching Kids Clips to bring kids to their platform. The service will collect short videos from the existing library of children's programs and films.

The company plans to add new clips daily based on its current and future content. In such a way the streaming service wants to attract viewers to its platform who usually watch TikTok or short clips on YouTube.

Kids Clips will display videos horizontally instead of vertically and fill the entire screen. Children will be able to watch 10 to 20 clips at one time.

The service will be available this week in the USA, as well as Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

Earlier, the service announced the launch of mobile games worldwide. In all countries where the streaming service is available, users can access the platform's games. The company noted that an active Netflix subscription is required to access the games. At the same time, there will be no in-app purchases or in-game ads yet. Subscribers can play on multiple devices from one account. Some of Netflix's mobile games will be available offline.

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