The 12-Year-Old Boy Graduated from High School and College and Started Two Businesses
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The Teenager from America Finished High School and College Early and Created 2 Companies

Mike Wimmer

It was reported that the boy from North Carolina graduated from high school and college and started two businesses. Mike Wimmer, who is 12 years old, managed to learn the program of four years of study within one year. So, he is not only graduating from high school early but is also graduating early from college. In December 2020, he finished high school and focused on his college studies. As a result, in early June, he obtained two educational diplomas at once.

When the pandemic began, the young man studied even harder. As he didn't have to attend school, it gave him more time to take extra classes. And he created two technology companies. The first one, called Next Era Innovations, the boy founded when he was almost seven years old. It is programming robots. His second company was found recently, and it specializes in computer manipulations.

The learning process was easy for Mike, who has always been a capable student. Even when he was still in kindergarten, the teachers said that he can already write his name and multiply. And for his mother it was normal.

Wimmer still finds time for himself and enjoys typical children's activities. There are Hot Wheels cars, Lego, and a toy railroad on the floor in his room. The boy combines study and business, and at the same time remains a child.

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