Did the UFC Fighter Amanda Nunes Really Invite Kim Kardashian for a Fight?
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The UFC Fighter Amanda Nunes Suggested Kim Kardashian Take Part in the Fight

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UFC fighter Amanda Nunes, who is a two-time women's champion, invited Kim Kardashian to the UFC match. Such rumors about a fake fight between Nunes and Kardashian started with the UFC president discussing Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan PaulPaul's recent boxing match. Dana White talked about celebrity boxing and cited the example of Kim Kardashian, who could fight Amanda Nunes. This great fight would have raised more money than anyone in the UFC has ever earned. 

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Nunes quickly reacted to this joke and wrote to the celebrity on social media an invitation to the fight. This caused a lot of laughter, mainly from the MMA fans. And although they don't even talk seriously about the match between Nunez and Kardashian, many do not miss such an opportunity in the future.

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In the UFC Amanda Nunes’s next fight, she is going to defend her UFC women's bantamweight title this summer against Julianna Pena.

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