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The United States Launched Flights for Those Who Want To Have Sex in the Air

Passengers Are Now Offered Flights to Nowhere for Sex on Board

The United States has launched flights for couples for dating and sex. The company that holds romantic flights over Las Vegas city now invites passengers to make love at an altitude of 1.6 kilometers.

The small aircraft Cessna 414 operates flights of 45 to 90 minutes. Onboard, there is a double mattress with satin bedding and pillows.

A curtain separates the pilot from the passengers, and during the flight, the captain of the aircraft wears noise-canceling headphones so that the guests can completely relax. A couple can rent a private jet for 45, 60, or 90 minutes for 995, 1,095, and 1,495 dollars. For an additional price, you can order delivery to and from the airport in a limousine with champagne.

Love Cloud has been offering romantic flights to nowhere for nearly seven years. Passengers mostly arranged dates and weddings on them, but sex on board was not allowed.

The company's executives changed the concept most recently when a client proposed to his girlfriend on the ground and asked the entrepreneurs to let him complete the engagement ceremony in the air.

As they say on the website of the American company, passengers are offered to take off from the airfield and know each other's bodies more closely on the plane while the pilot flies past picturesque places. The journey will end at the same airfield that it began.

The company keeps its clients’ information completely in privacy. It is noted that both newlyweds and aged couples use the services.

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