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The Upcoming Game Call of Duty Cold War Warzone Will Feature Rambo and John McClane

rambo cod

The long-awaited The 80s event is dedicated to action stars of Call Of Duty and will please fans and present Rambo and John McClane. The third season of Reloaded will introduce to us some updates such as new game styles, as well as artistic weapons and maps.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are entertaining the 80s Action Heroes event, presenting Rambo and John McClane.

The 80s Action Heroes is scheduled to finally appear on Thursday, May 20, and will feature two iconic action heroes. Namely, John Rambo from Rambo: First Blood Part II and John McClain from Die Hard.

Each of the two operators will be included in the set. The Rambo Pack will be available for purchase from May 19 to June 18. All users will get two finishing moves, including weapon and arrows, three legendary weapon blueprints, a calling, as well a map, emblem, watch, and amulet.

The Die Hard Pack, which will also be available for purchase beginning from May 19 to June 18. It will include an ending move, three legendary weapon blueprints, a legendary business card, and an emblem, as well as an epic clock, weapon, and amulet.

The 80s Action Heroes event will also appear in Call Of Duty: Mobile on the same day. It will include a limited-time game mode called Guns Blazing, as well as the Die Hard and Rambo Pack. These packs will be available from May 20 to June 18.

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