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The Weeknd Revealed the Cover of the Dawn FM Album, It Will Be Released on January 7

the weeknd new album

The Weeknd has recently uploaded a post on Instagram where he announced the release date for his new album. The Canadian musician has linked a video to the publication. On it, the performer is kidnapped by figures in cloaks and taken away.

In the promo video, the members of the album are also named. Among them are rapper Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, and others. Jim Carrey was also featured in the teaser. The Weeknd talked about friendship with the Hollywood actor back in 2020. The comedy star is expected to appear in the music video.

Later, the cover of the new album titled Dawn FM appeared on the artist's Twitter. The photo shows a portrait of a gray-haired and wrinkled singer. The release will take place this Friday.

The playlist of the new album has not yet been revealed. It is known that the main single will be Take My Breath, released earlier. This track borders between classical dance-pop and modern electronic music. Whether the retro sound will cover the entire Dawn FM will be known in a few days.

Dawn FM will be the fourth in the musician's discography. The latest one, After Hours, was released in 2020. It received positive reviews from critics and became a real hit.

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