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The Weeknd Plans To Change His Stage Name to ABEL Soon, but Why

The Weeknd Name Change

To be honest, we were a bit surprised when Kanye West decided to change his name to short Ye last year. But, as it turned out, this is an absolutely normal practice in the music industry. So, for example, The Weeknd is now seriously considering changing his stage name, inspired by the experience of the rapper.

So, the other day the artist said that he was ready to part with his pseudonym. In the near future, the artist may be known as ABEL. The musician wants to abandon the surname, like Madonna, Cher, and Prince did in their time.

The artist's colleagues have already reacted to the musician's idea. Singer John Legend called the idea of ​​a name change "cool". By the way, the most dedicated fans refer to the singer by his first name, and not by his stage name.

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