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The Well-Preserved Remains of a Pregnant Woman Were Found in Egypt


Egypt country is well-known for its unusual ancient artifacts, but even when thousands of years passed, scientists are still wondering about new discoveries.

Shocked scientists recently found the old remains of a pregnant woman who was between 20 and 30 years old. The well-preserved remains, which are dated back to the 1st century BC, were discovered in Thebes, a small city which is located near the Nile river, in 1826. The body, wrapped in cloth and buried with several amulets, was then transported to Poland.

The body was examined in Warsaw where it was first thought that it was a male priest. But after using computer technology and X-ray, the team of scientists found the remains of an embryo who was between 26 and 30 weeks old.

The researchers, whose results were published this week, announced it is the first case of a pregnant mummy known by this moment in the world. This particular discovery opens up opportunities to learn more about pregnancy as well as the treatment in ancient times.

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