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The wife was killed by her husband, who invented the story about the robbers’ attack

Babis Anagnostopoulos

Babis Anagnostopoulos admitted that he killed his wife Caroline Crouch after his fabricated story of her death went down. According to the information, the Greek strangled his young wife until she died and then made up the story of three robbers who attacked his wife in front of their baby daughter. The robbers in the hoods tortured and then killed Caroline when he was helplessly tied to a chair at their home located in Athens.

But afterward, the 32-year-old pilot of the helicopter confirmed that it was all a lie. The truth is that the couple started fighting at night, then the woman told him to leave the house. As a result, he lost his temper and strangled her with a pillow.

Interestingly, the man had even survived hours of interrogation. He was arrested during the memorial after police discovered new information about the case. It turned out, the smartwatch he was wearing that day showed that he was moving around the house. However, he claimed that he was tied all the time. Police reported that the man tried to destroy the evidence and killed the family dog so that the story seemed complete. After the murder, Babis shared a photo of his wife and wrote Together Forever.

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