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The Winner of the Eurovision 2021 Will Undergo a Drug Test after a Scandalous Video


The Italian rock group called Maneskin, which won a sensational and impressive victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, in addition to worldwide fame, faced the first big scandal. The fact is that the lead singer of the group, David Damiano, was suspected of using drugs, during a live broadcast. The attention of users was attracted by shots in which the winner of Eurovision 2021 bent down and characteristically folded his hands as if sniffing something from the table.

During a press conference after the competition, when the Maneskin group had already picked up their award and celebrated their victory, one of the journalists asked a question if David had taken drugs during the broadcast of the show.

After hearing with surprise the accusations, the musician state that he does not use drugs at all. The Eurovision 2021 winner added that this is all nonsense, and his colleague simply broke the glass (although Damiano did not specify how this should explain his strange posture). It was later confirmed that after the show, shards of broken dishes were found.
Later, Instagram stories appeared on the Italians' official account, dedicated to drug use allegations.

In particular, the authors of the Eurovision 2021 winner song assured that they had never even tasted cocaine, and they were ready to pass the necessary tests and, in general, they had always opposed drugs. According to the organizers of Eurovision, Damiano will undergo a voluntary test for prohibited substances.

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