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The Winners of the 2022 Golden Globes That Took Place in Los Angeles Are Known

golden globe
golden globe

The 79th Golden Globe Awards was held in Los Angeles. The event took place behind closed doors, without the traditional red carpet. And the ceremony was not broadcast on television or online. In addition, many of the award nominees did not attend.

The fact that the ceremony will be held behind closed doors became known last week. The list of winners was published by the organizers on the website of the award- the second most prestigious after the Oscar.

The Power of the Dog received a Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film, and motion picture creator Jane Campion received the Best Director award. And West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg, was voted Best in the Comedy / Musical category.

The award for Best Actor went to Will Smith who played the role in the film King Richard. Benedict Cumberbatch also applied for this award.

Nicole Kidman was named the Best Actress. And Lady Gaga along with Kristen Stewart also fought for the award in this nomination.

For the first time in history, a film award was given to transgender actress. The girl won the nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series. She played the role in the television project titled Pose. MJ Rodriguez began her trance transition in 2012 and has played female roles since then.

77-years old TV series star became the first actor from Korea to receive a Golden Globe Award. O Yeong-su was named the Best Supporting Actor who played in a Netflix Drama.

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