The Deepest Pool in the World Opens in Dubai as Part of a Huge Underwater City
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The World’s Deepest Pool Was Opened in Dubai | The Divers Can Explore the Sunk City

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Dubai, where the tallest skyscraper and the largest shopping center in the world are located, has just opened the deepest diving pool on the planet. The pool has 60 meters in-depth and is a part of the new Deep Dive Dubai attraction.

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The pool is filled with approximately 14 million liters of water, which is equal to six pools. On June 27, it got the title of The Deepest Diving Pool in the world. Now, the attraction is open by invitation only, but it will be available to the public later in 2021.

deep dive dubai

The water temperature is 30 degrees, which is comfortable for wearing an ordinary swimsuit. The indoor pool is located inside an oyster-shaped structure with an area of ​​1,500 square meters. There, after the tour with one of the guides, divers can explore the underwater city themselves. And modern lighting and sound, installed inside the pool, create a mysterious atmosphere.

In addition, about 56 cameras are placed at every corner in order to provide the safety of divers. The complex also includes a restaurant where there are big windows and TVs so that the others can watch the divers from inside.

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