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The World’s First SMS Will Be Sold at Auction in the Form of NFT for $ 225 Thousand

First SMS Will Be Sold at Auction

The first SMS, which was sent in the world, will be sold at an auction. For the message in the form of NFT, Vodafone plans to receive at least 225 thousand dollars.

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The message was sent to the mobile phone on December 3, 1992. It was written by a Briton named Neil Papworth from Sema Group Telecoms. The company was engaged in creating technologies for Vodafone.

With the help of the first SMS in history, the man wished his boss Richard Jarvis a Merry Christmas. According to the CEO of Vodafone, the transmission of this message was a watershed moment in the history of mobile technology.

In 1999, seven years after the first SMS was sent via Vodafone, it was finally possible to send text messages over multiple networks, which accelerated their use and increased popularity.

The proceeds from the sale were promised to be invested in charity- the money will be sent to the UN Refugee Agency.

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