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The World’s Only iPhone With Android Charging Was Sold for $86,000

The worlds only iPhone model with Android

iPhone X with a working USB-C port was sold on eBay. This is the only iPhone model in the world with a charger like Android smartphones. Standard iPhones use the Lightning connector. The model was created by engineering student Ken Pillonel. Interestingly, he asked for only 1 dollar for his development, but in 3 days the rates increased to 85,000 dollars. The developer advised the buyer not to use the gadget as the main one.

Pillonel revealed the iPhone X, which replaces Apple's Lightning port with a universal USB-C port, in October. Later, the student released a detailed video on how he managed to assemble such a model. He had to not only modify the original Apple connector but also fit the USB-C parts into the iPhone X body.

As a result, he got a fully working device with the ability to charge and transfer data. However, the developer warned that the modified gadget cannot be disassembled and should not be used as the main one. A total of 116 bids were made at the auction. The device was sold for $86,001 dollars.

Earlier in the USA, one of the first Apple computers, which was assembled by the founder of the company, Steve Jobs, was sold at an auction. Today, about 20 similar models remain in working order. The wooden computer went under the hammer for 400,000 dollars. Read more here: Apple’s Unique Wooden Computer Was Sold for 400,000 Dollars During an Auction

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