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Popular Silent Meme - The Origin And Spread Of The Meme About Spain And The Silent Letter S

Silent Meme about the letter S, which is not pronounced. It all lies in the phrase "I live in Spain". If you read this phrase and do not pronounce the letter S, then you would understand what is the meaning of this Spain Meme.


Popular Silent Meme

Most likely the first such joke was made much earlier than the Twitter post, which went viral. As for the popular Twitter post, it was posted on July 2, 2020, by @Aamirah_salie. It was the inscription “Guys I’m in Spain. The S is silent. " The post got over 350 thousand likes in a year and 125 thousand retweets. Users began to take screenshots of this tweet and distribute it on the Internet, which made this joke popular. If you are wondering, “Which letter in the Spanish alphabet is silent and not pronounced when speaking Spanish?” Then relax. This is just a meme, where you don't need to pronounce a specific letter.


Spreading is silent

Until early August 2020, this meme was not actively used by Twitter and Reddit users.

On February 18, 2020, user @koordell tweeted a post with a similar joke and got more than 470 retweets and 2500 likes in 7 months.

Already on April 3, another Twitter user @abod_alnasr used a joke from the previous author and has already received a lot more likes and retweets. Their number was almost 25,000 retweets and 74,000 likes in 5 months.

Later on March 30, 2020, on the popular 4chan portal, an anonymous user used a similar joke and wrote “> there is Spain> there is no Spleasure” on the site board.

And on July 17, on Reddit, user wonkaass posted a screenshot on his page with a joke about The S Is Silent. This post scored 14,400 votes making the meme more viral.

The last post to promote the spread of Silent jokes was a post by Redditor bob_smith248, which he made on August 3, 2020. He published the very first variation of the meme, which states that the letter "A" should be considered silent. His message got 36300 votes in just 1 month on Reddit. “I live in Spain without the A” is written against the background of a spinning gorilla.


It can be understood that all memes are based on the interpretation of the phrase "I live in Spain '' and others like it became very popular after being published in / r / okbuddyretard. It was after this that users began to come up with other funny memes and phrases where a letter should be considered silent. Since August 2020, this format has gained immense popularity on Reddit and Twitter.

The blog authors were happy to share with you the origins of the silent S meme in the I live in Spain meme. Now you know how to correctly read such phrases and understand the meaning of the meme.

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