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Where Is Elizabeth Holmes Now? Exciting Question About Theranos Elizabeth Holmes

Where Is Theranos Elizabeth Holmes Now

What happened to Theranos? The company's “glamorous image” first outshone the competition, and then the industry had to avoid mentioning Theranos podcast.

Theranos History

Theranos Elizabeth Holmes founded a biotech startup in the US in 2003 when she was 19 years old. The founder claimed that the company was developing rapid testing equipment that would allow 200 accurate tests from one drop of blood, and by then many people already knew what is Theranos.

Theranos com has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, and by 2014 its valuation reached $9 billion.

What is the Theranos scandal? In 2015, The Wall Street Journal found out that the company actually used competitor equipment in testing and presentations.

Employees of the company began to quit after Theranos scandal 2016, and the startup itself was on the verge of bankruptcy. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that Theranos only ran 12 out of 200 proposed tests on its machines. In addition, reports of $1 billion in revenue in 2015 turned out to be a lie – it amounted to only a few hundred thousand dollars. The regulator fined Elizabeth Holmes Theranos $500 thousand, banned him from managing companies for 10 years and ordered the return of 18.9 million shares of Theranos.

Where Is Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Now?

Where Is Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Now? Theranos documentary

Theranos news today: Elizabeth Holmes, founder of biotech startup Theranos, is pregnant and asks the court to postpone the trial of her fraud. Reported by CNBC. The Theranos fraud trial against former President Theranos was supposed to begin in July, now the defendant's lawyers are asking Judge Edward Davila to postpone the trial for 6 weeks – until August 31, 2021. The court reportedly granted the defense's request. According to the latest news, the trial began on the specified date and Elizabeth Holmes may receive 20 years in prison.

Earlier, the start of the process was postponed three times due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Theranos latest news, it is known that during the process of defending Theranos criminal charges, Holmes intends to emphasize the possibility of mental disorder as a tactic.

Impact on American Companies

Then the startup recruited people with big names on its council and wrote laudatory articles about Theranos trial in Fortune and Forbes.

“Elizabeth Holmes Theranos scandal raised millions of dollars and made a splash, connected herself with such famous people, because of this, many people learned about Theranos blood testing scandal. It was very positive for everyone, especially us,” Gil Blunder, founder of InsideTracker, told the publication.

“When Theranos was on the rise, people often asked how we could compete with a billion-dollar company,” said Daniel Levner.

The collapse of Theranos was a sensation, with the story behind the book Bad Blood, Theranos documentary film in HBO, and the upcoming Hulu series starring Amanda Seyfried.

The Theranos scandal summary was reflected in other companies, which, like Theranos, tried to simplify the process of collecting and analyzing blood.

After the WSJ investigation, comparison with a startup became a “curse” for other companies. “Theranos scandal came up in almost every conversation throughout the year,” says John Lewis, founder, and CEO of Nanostics.

The blog authors also want to tell you that in the end, Theranos scandal explained a lesson for other blood testing companies and they still have to come up with explanations for how they differ from Theranos now.

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