Awaited Burning Man Event Was Canceled Again Due to the Pandemic Situation
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This Year Organizers of the Burning Man Festival Had to Postpone It Again

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Burning Man, an event that has been held annually for many years, was canceled again this year due to the pandemic situation. The awaited event that always attracts thousands of people to Nevada's desolate Black Rock Desert is planning to return in 2022. This news was announced by the organizers of the event on Tuesday.

The tough decision to refuse the construction of the temporary metropolis known as Black Rock City came after months of discussion among the organizers. With the rise in vaccinations across the US country, expectations were high that the festival, which originally began in San Francisco in 1986 and then moved to the Black Rock Desert in 1990, would still take place. Previously, it had already been canceled in 2020.

A lot of people were looking forward to the upcoming Burning Man with its extraordinary art installations, night parties in the open air, and a variety of vehicles moving through the desert, which everyone customized in their own way. But there were those who said they would not be able to return in 2021 due to health concerns or the economic difficulties that the pandemic has caused to many people.

And those people who nevertheless planned to take part were very upset because for several months working on the creation of sculptures for the event. And, unfortunately, it won't happen. The organizers allowed artists to keep grants they received for their art projects. But no one blames the organizers for their difficult decision to postpone the event until 2022. “It was a tough choice, but they did the right thing by waiting”- participants say.

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