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Thousands of Sheep and Hundreds of Goats Passed the Avenues of Madrid City

Goats Passed the Avenues of Madrid City

Flocks of sheep are back in Madrid for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. During the Cattle Driving Festival, shepherds drove herds of animals through the capital's streets. 

Thousands of sheep and hundreds of goats marched along the avenues of the Spanish capital in order to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the transhumant herding law. It is a sign of respect for tradition but above all a reminder of the respect with which agriculture was treated in the past when laws were passed on the right to drive livestock through the cities to the southern pastures.

Thousands of Sheep in madrid

Such a tradition has been organized since 1994 when farmers gathered to protest against urbanization and the oppression of livestock breeders' rights. After that, the court recognized the legal withdrawal of livestock to the city streets during the period of seasonal driving. Now the festival is considered a traditional holiday and one of the main cultural events in the Spanish capital.

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