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Viral Throws Baby Meme: Meaning And Top Templates With Smiling Baby

Throws Baby Memes gallery

African American Girl Tossing Baby is a meme based on a cartoon of a girl tossing a baby like a basketball. Throws a baby meme and other pictures made in a similar style went viral a few years ago, but each of you has seen them at least once in your social media feed. For those who do not know where this yeet the child meme came from or have never seen it, we propose to understand in more detail.

Meme Origin

Yeet the child original drawing was posted on Twitter by Spanish artist Joan Cornella Vazquez on June 10, 2018. The throwing baby cartoon image shows a girl in the pose of a basketball player throwing a ball into the basket. Only instead of a ball, a baby hung in the air, which for some reason, like his mother, happy smiles.

What meaning the author put into the picture is unknown, but it contains a reference to African Americans – as you know, they love to play basketball, but instead of a sword, for some reason, there was a baby.

Vasquez's post went viral and received 2,000 retweets. Users began to make funny pictures and yeet the child meme based on cartoons, and soon this trend reached all social networks.

The Meaning of the Yeet Baby Meme

Yeeting a baby parodies are most often used to describe something unnecessary. In the case of football memes, this cartoon was used to show how one team sends another home after winning.

Baby toss meme can be used in other situations as well, for example, to show a dismissive attitude towards something or someone. You can also designate some kind of business or situation for which you do not want to be taken. Many users like to make memes about what they could not or did not manage to do over the past year. Let's take a look at the top of the most viral baby yeet throwing memes.

Top Tossing Baby Memes

Because of karate, the plans of many travelers soured and in 2020–2021 no one was able to fly for the weekend. Therefore, people just said so far to their travels and plans for the summer, which unfortunately did not come true.

Tossing Baby Memes

Dog lovers can kick their kids out if they are allergic to pet hair. Of course, this is just a funny throwing baby meme and no one would throw their children out because of this, but anything is possible.

throwing baby meme

How do you like this template with several children who are thrown by a woman? This woman throwing babies meme can be used to describe almost any situation in which multiple people or problems are discussed.

woman throwing babies meme

Are fans of historical throw-the-baby-away memes already here? The Spartans made a tough selection for their warriors and threw children into the abyss if they were not fit to become real warriors.

throw the baby away memes

Imagine that you have just given birth to a child, but you were unable to pay for the doctors' services because the credit card was not recognized. The doctor simply takes and throws your child away, just like in this yeet meme, a woman throws a baby, but at the same time smiles very strangely.

baby yeet meme

If you do not know how to yeet a baby, then by voting we found out that to have a pet the worst option is a baby and you can throw it away. It is much easier to care for a cat and a dog and you do not need to take them to kindergarten, and then to school and do lessons with them. For those who are not ready to take too much responsibility, it is better not to have children.

how to yeet a baby

The situation is the same as in the lady throwing baby meme with the participation of the doctor. If the caregiver with the baby does not receive her payment, then she wants to throw your baby away without any regrets. Sounds intimidating, we agree.

lady throwing baby meme

Someone decided to add a basketball hoop to this meme and show that mom uses it instead of a basketball and throws the baby into the hoop. Yeet the baby even loves it, because he smiles serenely and is very happy with what is happening.

throws the baby

After you find out that it is very expensive to maintain a child, the thought of having him instantly leaves you. Why is it all so expensive? Not everyone can afford such a luxury as a child and would simply be forced to do the same as a mother on this meme.

kinda think i want a baby meme

The coronavirus pandemic shook the whole world and one of the symptoms of this virus is a severe cough. Now, if suddenly someone hears another person's cough, then instantly avoids him and moves away as far as possible so as not to accidentally get infected from him.

Woman throwing baby meme

Woman throwing baby meme for those who categorically do not want to have children. If this happens, then you’ll have to do the same as this mother did with her child. Many people think that having a baby and suffering is much better than using contraception.

baby dunking memes

The authors of the blog wanted to familiarize you more with the slightly outdated baby dunking memes and allow them to become popular again. Many people find this picture very funny and to this day continue to use this template to create funny and life-like memes.

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