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TikTok Blocks Milk Crate Challenge Video After Participants Fell and Got Injured

MilkCrateChallenge on TikTok

Another traumatic challenge has gained popularity on the network- participants must keep their balance on the stairs made of plastic boxes. The boxes seem strong, but the structures made of them are not very stable, which leads to various injuries. Dozens of Americans gather in large companies, challenging each other and making money from it. MilkCrateChallenge (Challenge with milk boxes) is performed mainly in the United States, in small one-story cities, where almost every house has a box for storing milk bottles. Residents of such towns gather together and take turns trying to overcome the obstacle.

traumatic challenge

The idea is that you have to go up and downstairs from plastic boxes (in which bottles with milk are usually stored). People who dare to do it for the sake of money or fame on social media often do not even make it to the middle of the test. Despite their strength, these boxes are too light to be stable. Only a few lucky people were able to complete the challenge entirely and not go to the ambulance, while the rest get bruises and fractures.

Since participation in the challenge is voluntary, injuries are the responsibility of the injured, who often does not have health insurance. Doctors urged not to participate in the fun. For example, an orthopedic surgeon from New York said that joints suffer from falling. You can also get a head injury. Now, many hospitals in the United States are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients. Therefore, doctors asked to first find out if there are free beds in nearby hospitals before participating in the challenge.

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