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TikTok Video Goes Viral Where Mom Tells Her Hilarious Underwear Failure

Mom is mortified to discover her thong

Mom recorded a TikTok video together with Gracie Noein where she talks about the shocking incident she underwent. And the viral video has already gained more than 8 million views and 20 thousand comments.

Gracie's daughter was going to class when the teacher saw the thong that was stuck to her shoe. The six-year-old girl then went to the director and said that this was her mum's underwear, explaining that the house was a mess. After Gracie's daughter returned to class she took the thong from her pocket and showed the underwear to all the classmates.

Now, the embarrassed mother is looking for a new school for her 6-year-old girl. Under the video, a lot of users started to share their own ridiculous stories. One parent said that her daughter, who was then in the first grade, once pulled out the 'massager' during the school trip.

The kids can be really unpredictable and you can never know what they're planning to do, or what strange things they'll take out of their pockets…

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