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Time travel: a myth or truth?

travel in time

In 2000, the BBS website received a strange anonymous message that there was a man who managed to build a computer with the IBM 5100 operating system in 1975 and has been traveling in time since 2036. At first, this user wrote his under the nickname TimeTravel_0, but later he leaked his “real name”- John Titor and became the most well-known and discussed time traveler on social media.

In his posts on the forum, the traveler told readers about the science on which his machine is based and how exactly it works. And for those who are interested and want to know the details he even sent photos of his mystical device. Internet users asked him questions for 4 months, and he answered some of them in detail, and some in a weird way. Moreover, he even attended radio programs a couple of times and gave interviews. But in March 2001, he suddenly disappeared from the forum. And until now, no one has heard of him and it is even thought that he jumped at a different moment in time.

According to the rumors on the Internet, Titor was a soldier sent from the future in 1970 to restore an old computer. “The future is pretty simple and revolves around the family”- he said. In addition, he added that food and entertainment no longer exist, and people began to spend time reading books or talking to each other instead. And despite the fact, he disappeared he was and remains important and interesting for all people who love mysteries and time travel.

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