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Tokyo Allows Same-Sex Marriages, While Canada Bans Therapy for Gays

Tokyo Allows Same Sex Marriages

Same-sex couples have been officially recognized in Tokyo, and they will be issued partnership certificates. This document will allow them to visit each other in the hospital and will help with joint rentals.

However, gay marriage is legally prohibited in Japan. Although the court in Sapporo found the ban on their registration unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Parliament has banned attempts to change homosexual orientation through therapy. The Prime Minister of the country called this practice disgusting and humiliating.

Providing, promoting, or advertising conversion therapy will also be considered a crime, as will making money from it. Thus, forced to therapy in Canada will now be punished with imprisonment of up to five years, and for advertising or receiving financial benefits from this method, a person will be given two years in prison. It is also prohibited to take children out of the country for conversion therapy abroad.

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