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Tom Cruise Returned the Golden Globe Awards after Accusations against the HFPA

Tom Cruise

American actor Tom Cruise returned three Golden Globe awards that he had received before. He made this decision after the scandal appeared around the HFPA. The organization is accused of racism and sexism. Earlier, several other actors asked the film industry to avoid the events held by the association. Also, a number of large companies, including the NBC TV channel and the Netflix video service, expressed their claims to the HFPA.

On Monday, it became known that Tom Cruise gave back all of his Golden Globe awards, namely three statuettes. Last week, Scarlett Johansson also demanded the entire film industry boycott the organization until it makes major internal reforms. The actress said that she has long avoided press conferences held by the association because of sexist questions and statements. Mark Ruffalo, in turn, noted that he feels neither pride nor joy in receiving the award until HFPA improves.

The scandal around HFPA appeared in the media back in August 2020. The Norwegian journalist stated that the organizers are accepting money from celebrities and filmmakers in order to gain the award. The lawsuit was not satisfied, but the situation practically ruined the reputation of HFPA.

Well-known TV series called Emily in Paris is cited as an example. In 2019, the film producers invited over 30 HFPA members to attend the shoot, as well as spend time at a five-star hotel, attend a conference, and dine at the museum. This fact was noticed when the series received two Golden Globe nominations.

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