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Tom Cruise Stunned a Herd of Cows While Filming a Trick for Mission: Impossible 7

 Trick for Mission

During the filming of the seventh part of the film Mission: Impossible starring Tom Cruise, a whole herd of cows fainted due to a special ultrasound. It was intended not for animals, but for quadcopters, with the help of which the actor is being watched.

Filming takes place in the National Park Lake District which is located in England. According to the plot, the hero of Tom Cruise (spy Ethan Hunt) had to land with a parachute in the frame.

actor made four parachute jumps

The actor made four parachute jumps, during which the film crew turned on special devices that emit high-frequency noise. The emitted ultrasound was supposed to protect Cruise from the annoying flying drones. But their sound was so powerful that several dozen cows grazing nearby lost consciousness. Fortunately, after turning off the device, the animals came to their senses.

Despite the danger of the incident, the locals did not complain about the star. The actor himself admitted that he loves the mountainous region in the northwest of England and has been there several times on hikes.

Earlier, while filming Mission: Impossible 7, Tom Cruise landed in a strange garden in a helicopter and took the children for a ride. When the star boarded a helicopter in the British garden, they were greatly surprised. As a thank you, Cruz posed with the family for photos.

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