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Tom Holland in a Spider-Man Costume Meets the Boy Who Saved His Younger Sister From a Dog

tom holland spider man

Tom Holland fulfilled his promise to the little fan who saved his little sister and spent the whole day with him on the set of Spider-Man.

In Wyoming, a six-year-old boy protected his younger sister from an aggressive dog by sacrificing himself. The incident took place in July 2020. Then Bridger Walker saved his younger sister from the attacking dog by covering the baby with his body. As a result, the young hero got 90 stitches that doctors put on deep wounds on his face.

To support the injured boy, his aunt decided to share the story on social networks and draw the attention of his idols- the stars of Marvel. And Bridger's story instantly spread across the Internet. And in addition to ordinary people, actors from the superhero universe responded to it. For example, Spider-Man spoke to the boy on the phone, and the Hulk left a comment under his photo, admiring the courage of the young fan.

bridger walker

And Captain America recorded a video for Bridger. Chris praised the boy for taking care of his sister and promised to send him the real Captain's shield.

And recently, a video has appeared on the Internet featuring Tom in a Spider-Man suit who fulfills his promise. The actor introduced Bridger to the inner world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the site, the star was supported by Zendaya, who played the role of MJ in the new part of the franchise.

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