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"Tom & Jerry" by Warner Bros. admitted as the best “coming-out” of the quarantine period

Warner Bros. recently announced that the company earned 14.1 million dollars over the weekend. This is all because while watching this cartoon people, who are already tired of the terrible news about the pandemic situation, have an optimistic mood for these few hours. This indicator is very good, considering the fact that less than half of cinemas work in the USA and Canada.

According to statistics, “Tom&Jerry” is the second-best discovery during the Coronavirus epidemy, since cinemas opened in August. “Wonder Woman 1984” also keeps breaking records with 16.4 million dollars, while “Tom&Jerry” earned 38.8 million dollars worldwide. This cartoon also beats “The Croods: A New Age” which picked up 9.3 million dollars in 3 days. From all this, we can conclude that people are ready and want to return to cinemas if the films they wait for are shown there.

Many of them even rent movie rooms for their private parties, and in recent days this number has exceeded 10 thousand. Initially, it was assumed that people wouldn’t want to go out and visit public places, but with the appearance of more vaccinations, this has changed.

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