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Two Old Friends Shared the Gold During the Olympic Games 2020 by Gaining the Same Points

The Two Jumpers Shared the Gold at the Olympics for the First Time in 109 Years

Two athletes from Qatar and Italy gained the same number of points at the end of the competition. And they decided to share the victory.

A 30-year-old Mutaz Essa Barshim and a 29-year-old Gianmarco Tamberi won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in the high jump final. The last time athletes shared gold was at the 1912 Olympics.

The Qatari and the Italian took all the heights on the first try, thanks to which they scored the same number of points. Sports experts note that the final of the Olympic competition was spectacular, because until now at the Summer Games since 2000, it was enough to overcome a height of 2.35 meters to receive the gold.

It was no coincidence that the athletes made such a decision. It turned out that they have been in close friendly relations since the 2010 championship. Then, the Qatari won the competition, but the Italian athlete did not make it to the final. However, this gap in results did not prevent their relationship. Since then, they often communicate and even spend time together. According to men, they are great friends and are opponents only in competitions.

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