Why a Duck from a UK University Named Long Boy Is Going Viral on Social Media Now?
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Two Students from a UK University Created an Instagram Page for Long Boy Duck

long boy duck

An image of a duck named "Long Boy" spread through the Internet and quickly went viral after a photo of an animal was posted on Twitter. People were amazed at the length of the duck that lives on a college campus located in the UK.

However, it is not the tallest duck, as it is considered a hybrid between a mallard and an Indian runner duck.

One of the British universities even named it the most popular waterfowl. Two biology students from York University liked the duck so much, then created an Instagram page special for it. They started to share funny pictures of it and then Long Boy started to become famous. This, in turn, led people to look for a duck to take their own photos when they come to the university on open days.

The students suppose that the duck was dumped on the campus yard as an unwanted pet. They have been seeing it while walking through the campus territory and feeding it for a while. What's more, the university created a team to ensure that all ducks and geese living on its territory are healthy, safe, and eat well. There is even bird food in the store on campus. So all those who love birds can feed them at any time they want.

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