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Two Unknown Men Entered the Russian Gymnasium and Opened Fire. 8 People Died

shooting in russian school

In the gymnasium of Kazan, a city located in the southwest of Russia, there was a shooting. On the morning of May 11, two young men dressed in black clothes and wearing masks entered the building of gymnasium № 175, situated on Faizi Street, and opened fire with a machine gun.

In addition to the shooting, an explosion also occurred in the building. Broken doors and shards of glass are now lying in the hallway throughout the building. 21 ambulance teams with medical workers, along with the Minister of Health of the region were sent to the educational institution. Eyewitnesses reported that schoolchildren jumped out of windows, while the rest hid in closed classrooms.

At the moment, it is precisely known about 7 dead eighth-graders and 1 teacher. Another 10 people were injured. According to the data on the school's website, more than a thousand children study in it, and 57 teachers work. The school was opened in 2006.

The attacker, named Ilnaz Galyaviev, was arrested. He is 19 years old. During the arrest, he also said that he had planted a bomb at the address of his registration. The second gunman is blocked on the fourth floor of the school, where he is holding hostages.

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