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The Artist Tyler, the Creator Is About To Change His Stage Name to Tyler Okonma

tyler the creator

Tyler, The Creator is going to change his stage name. He invented this one as a child.

The performer's real name is Tyler Okonma. And this name the artist wants to use in the future. In this case, he will write his first and last name in capital letters.

Being 13 years old, Tyler signed up under three different names. One of them was Tyler, The Creator, under which the rapper released drawings, photographs, and beats.

In November, Tyler uploaded a post dedicated to Virgil Abloh. There, the performer wrote that the late clothing designer pushed him to use his real name more often.

The artist's last studio album, titled Call Me If You Get Lost, was released in June 2021. And for Igor, the musician received a Grammy in the nomination for the best rap album.

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