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U.K. woman disappeared from her American boyfriend's yacht and is still missing

sarm heslop

Sarm Heslop, a 41-year-old woman from the U.K., disappeared on March 8. It is supposed she fell from her boyfriend's ship, about 50 miles east of Puerto Rico.

Ryan Bane, a man from America who is 44 years old, stated her disappearance to the police of the Virgin Islands at about 2:30 am. After 9 hours of missing, the US Coast Guard was contacted with a request for help in the search operation. Police did a search on land at first and said they supposed Bane to let them go on board the catamaran. But the policemen tell he hired a lawyer and rejected their request.

Authorities stated last time Heslop was seen having dinner with Bane at around 10:00 pm on March 7. And then they returned back to the yacht together. Bane gave the policemen the phone of Heslop, her wallet, and passport when they asked him to do it.

Her friends and family have regularly asked the police, as well as other people, to help find their beloved daughter Heslop. They also expressed their doubt about her falling into the ocean. In addition, they added that she knew boats well and couldn't just fall off the boat.

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