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Uber Eats Delivered First Food Into Space for the Team of the Astronauts

uber eats space

Uber Eats has recently sent the first food delivery to space. And the service didn't just send a driver to pick up the food and travel to its destination via GPS. The company asked for help from Yusaku Maezawa who visited the ISS during his space trip. Upon arrival at the space station, the Japanese entrepreneur delivered an Uber Eats package of various canned Japanese foods to the crew.

The billionaire took the Russian spacecraft on his first trip into space before taking a flight on SpaceX's mission to fly around the moon. It is scheduled for 2023.

The head of Uber noted that the delivery took about eight hours in total. Maezawa liked such an experience, although it took a little longer than the usual 30 minutes.

The billionaire delivered boiled fish in miso sauce, a beef bowl, chicken stew, and pork to the scientists. Uber Eats said it is a long-awaited alternative to standard astronaut food.

The mission started on December 8 and will last 12 days. The parcel covered a distance of 400 kilometers.

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