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A Girl Who Sang in a Bomb Shelter Performed the Ukrainian National Anthem in Poland

Ukrainian Sang in Poland

A video of a small girl from Ukraine singing in a bomb shelter in Kyiv appeared on Facebook on March 3. The girl whose name is Amellia Anisovych performed the popular song titled Let It Go from the Disney animated film Frozen. The touching video instantly went viral and flew not only on social networks but also in the world media. Not only the New York Post and CNN wrote about the girl, but Amellia's performance also moved Idina Mentzel. The American actress and singer is responsible for voicing the main character of the cartoon Elsa.

The girl's singing was heard live yesterday by an audience of one million in the Polish city of Lodz, where a concert in support of Ukraine took place. Amellia opened the concert by singing the Ukrainian a cappella anthem.

The event was broadcast live in 40 countries. Viewers could send a special SMS, which was converted into money to help Ukraine. It is known that more than 42 million hryvnias were collected, which will be transferred to help Ukraine.

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