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Read About Understandable Have A Nice Day Meme And Find Out Its Meaning Below

Everyone knows that many memes have a very deep meaning, and sometimes not very much. This situation happened with the famous Understandable Have A Nice Day meme, you've probably heard about it. This meme is part of an interesting culture called "Deep Fried Black Twitter". It is customary to present memes in it without particularly deep meaning, raw and easy to understand in ordinary life situations.

Let's find out from what wilds this meme came, what it means and why it became so popular on all social networks, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

Origin of the Meme

understandable have a nice day original

The earliest use of this Understandable Have A Nice Day Original meme is known to have been on Twitter on February 25, 2017. A similar tweet was posted only for use by users in a specific group. This group was engaged in creating comic memes for the African American community. This tweet featured three pictures of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal chatting from his car.

The tweet depicts an exchange at a takeout service for a car. Shaquille O'Neal (basketball) sitting in the car asks "HELLO, FOOD?"

Subsequently, Understandable Have A Nice Day Meme was formed.

Meme Spreading

Just a few weeks later, this post from Twitter began to flash on the social network Instagram. Humorous publics began to force these three comic pictures, and when one Shaq Understandable template with three pictures was posted on Twitter and it just spread all over the place. People really liked this simple and funny situation, which was depicted in the meme. They began to invent various funny stories and substitute this meme for them as a final chord.

The popularity of Machine Broke Memes has become phenomenal in 2020 as it has been pushing more and more every year. At the moment, the number of likes and positive reactions has reached more than half a million!

Meme Meaning

understandable have a nice day

This is a typical American humor in which a person accepts the situation that is happening, no matter how absurd, funny or ridiculous it may be. The man in the person of Shakrir O Neel wants to order food, and the seller replies that "the food is broken." Subsequently, the man says "understandable" and wishes the seller a good day, that's the whole point of the meme. Therefore, this Understandable Have A Nice Day Template Meme fits a lot of funny life situations that happen to us every day.

Different Variations of the Meme

"I": "Time to get shit done"

"My head": "Head machine broke"

"I": "understandable, have a nice day"

So, the format of the meme was formed:

*Who то asks for something or initiates some action*

*The one gives an answer that doesn't help or answer the request*

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