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Reverse Uno Card Meme: Pictures For Important Negotiations Using Reverse Card

The Uno Reverse card meme is a funny picture with a Reverse card from the Uno board game. This card changes the direction of the playing circle in the opposite direction. In memes, the card is used in difficult situations to get rid of responsibility and turn the problem towards the enemy.

Reverse Card Uno Meme Origin

The first memes with cards from the game Uno appeared in 2015 in the West. It is not known exactly who invented them and when. But the first known mention of the Reverse Uno card meme happened on October 8, 2015 on the 9GAG website. It was a picture of a fake correspondence. The user invited the girl to exchange naked photos. And when the girl sent hers, he showed her the Reverse card.

uno reverse card meme

Uno is a popular board game. Each player is dealt cards, the goal is to get rid of his deck first. In addition to the usual cards with numbers from 0 to 9, special cards appear in the game: “Skip a turn”, “Take two”, “Order a color” and “Reverse”. The latter became the ultimate Uno Reverse card meme.

Despite the fact that the first Uno Card meme appeared back in 2015, this format became popular only in 2018. In September, a picture was posted on Reddit with a Reverse card, which seems to turn the stream of water in the opposite direction. The image went viral and by the end of the year it was distributed on social networks. In parallel with this, new memes with cards appeared, and not only Reverse.

Uno Card meme
ultimate Uno Reverse card meme

The most popular format with cards came in 2019 and the popular Yugioh Reverse card meme appeared. Many began to troll their friends with this meme in chats.

Yugioh Reverse card meme

Another viral image was Uno Reverse card meme No U, in fact, the letters from the name of the game were simply rearranged and a new funny meme turned out.

Uno Reverse card heart meme
Uno Reverse Card Meme Meaning

Uno Reverse Card Meme Meaning

The Reverse Meme is an ironic format in which this card magically saves a person in a difficult or unpleasant situation. If you show this card to the one who is causing you the problem, the problem would come back to him. But there is a Uno Reverse card heart meme, which means that you are giving love.

uno reverse card memes

In addition, memes are also common with other cards from the Uno game. For example, the card Draw Four Wild (+4 and wild) is used in situations when something is missing.

what is uno reverse card

The authors of the blog told you about Uno Reverse card meme meaning and made a small selection of memes. Now you know what to do in any unpleasant situation – just take the Reverse card and show it to your opponent.

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