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Katana Meme: Screenshot From The Anime With Hands Pulling Out A Katana

Unsheathes Katana meme – a picture in which a frame with a sword gradually unsheathed, on which words are written. The first frame shows a part of a word in which something vulgar or unpleasant is guessed. In the second frame - a complete phrase, which turns out to be something else.

unsheathes katana meme

Meme Origin

The frames that became a meme are taken from the 3rd series of the anime Gurren Lagann, which was released in 2007. In one scene, a character named Kamina draws his sword before fighting Viral.

On January 31, 2019, Reddit user MDaenmke posted a screenshot from this episode. On the exposed part of the sword, he wrote “Ni” – part of the word Nigga. Image caption: “When you lose your arguments in an argument with a stranger on the Internet.”

katana meme

For a long time, this Katana meme did not receive any development, although it became viral. But in June, Redditor Mikzing thought to add another picture. Below is the same sword, but with a fully drawn sword. It turns out that the hidden word is now fully visible. But this is not Nigga, but the phrase “Nice, bro. You are right.”

unsheathes katana meme

In this format, the meme began to spread on Reddit and social networks.

Meme Meaning

The Anime Sword meme illustrates the discrepancy between expectation and reality. The first picture shows a part of a word or phrase that is supposedly offensive. The second one shows that this is a completely different phrase. After we learn what does Katana meme mean, let's move on to a selection of pictures.

anime sword meme
gurren lagann kamina sword
unsheathing sword meme

Selection of Memes

On the Internet, a huge number of disputes between users of social networks flare up every day. Very often a dispute has no logical end and a person decides, due to the lack of arguments, to start calling his opponent names.

what does katana mean meme

Hiding on a bridge or ambushing in PUBG is a lot of fun, but it's easy to get killed by the enemy. But even if you were killed on the bridge and you want to start throwing mud at your killer, you still hold back and praise him.

katana sword meme

And how do you like this unusual version of the Gurren Lagann Kamina Sword meme? Many creators of funny pictures even manage to use such a template in their creations and write text on a broken katana, but it turns out pretty cool.

sword meme template

Most often, girls ask their boyfriends “What should we do?” just when they want to have sex or something interesting. Therefore, in this case, answering her with “Find the border wall” would not be the best solution.

Let's just not name the country that turned out to be the worst in World War II, but say that this is a complex question. By the way, this answer is universal to any question, take note.

katana meme

All fans of Gravity Falls would definitely understand this Unsheathing Sword meme. It's very sad to hear “see you next summer”. You continue to wait and hope that these 2 exciting seasons full of mysticism and interesting events wouldn’t be the last and we would see the continuation someday.

unsheathes katana meme

You just have to admit that Trump was not the best political leader and he was re-elected. Politics is generally a very dark and complex matter, which is better not to get into if you don’t understand well. But this Katana Sword meme is very truthful and funny.

anime sword meme

Are there many Lil Peep fans among our readers? This meme very accurately describes the famous phrase that is often repeated in one of his famous tracks. Only a real fanatic of the gloomy and depressing songs of this artist would understand.

unsheathing sword meme

And we’ll talk about music again, but about other performers. The BTS group became so popular a few years ago that almost every young girl and boy just love their songs! But some hate such creativity. Keep in mind that each person has different preferences in music.

sword meme template
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It's no secret that everyone masturbates, but this meme is about guys taking out their katana at 3 am. After the deed is done, they put their katana back and go to bed.

katana sword meme

Although this Sword meme template was very popular in 2019, its relevance has not been lost so far. If you paid attention, then at least several times a month you could see one of these katana memes in your social media feed.

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