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Vanessa Bryant Didn’t Give the Approval to Shoes and Is Now Offended by Nike Shoes Leaking

nike air shoes

Vanessa Bryant says she is offended the Nike shoes she decided to create in honor of her late husband and daughter have leaked. The wife of Kobe Bryant claims Nike's Shoes Air should never be released.

The thing is that Vanessa helped the sportswear brand to create a version of sneakers called Kobe 6 Protro to praise the memory of Kobe and Gianna. Both her beloved ones were killed in a helicopter crash that happened in 2020.

But after Vanessa ended relations with Nike this spring, she gave no permission to produce the shoes. And then she saw a picture on social media where a man is holding such a shoe. Not only she was angry but surprised how the Nike shoes were leaking.

The crazy thing is that the brand hasn't sent any of these pairs to her or to her children. The woman hopes the shoes weren't sold as she wanted the money raised to go to the foundation dedicated to her husband. Now she is asking everyone who saw the images of shoes on the Internet to inform her. Meanwhile, Nike didn't give an official comment on the situation.
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