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Viewers Criticized the New Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello and Billy Porter

Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello and Billy Porter

On September 3, a new adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale with singer Camila Cabello was released on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Together with the actress in the film starred Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, and the extravagant Billy Porter, who embodied the image of the fairy godmother on the screen. After the news about a non-standard casting, critics were looking forward to a loud hit. But after watching the premiere, now they write not at all enthusiastic reviews.

Critics agreed that the film is actually very superficial and does not fully reveal the characters. The cast did not hit the critics in any way, which makes the musical itself mediocre. Although there were those who were impressed by Camila Cabello with her debut actor game in the tape.

Disappointed viewers on social networks complain that under the layer of hype there was no high-quality project that they would like to watch to the end. Critics in reputable publications have hinted that there are many smart ways to kill your free time, but watching the modernized Cinderella is not.

The most positive reviews praise Camila Cabello for her diligence and suggest that teens might like the film very much.

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