Richard Branson Is Still Ahead of Jeff Bezos and Will Be the First To Leave Earth
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Virgin Galactic’s First Flight | Richard Branson Makes His First Trip Into Space

Richard Branson Makes His First Trip Into Space

Richard Branson reached space on a Virgin Galactic tourist rocket plane. And this was the first launch of Virgin Galactic when it was fully crowded. The crew consisted of six people, and two of whom were pilots. Branson's company announced the launch of a spacecraft with passengers on board immediately after such an announcement was made by Blue Origin. But Jeff Bezos planned his flight on July 20, which means the founder of Virgin will overtake the founder of Amazon by 9 days.

The rocket plane took off on a suborbital flight from Spaceport America located in New Mexico. The flight lasted about an hour, while the crew felt weightlessness for approximately 4-6 minutes. But to be true, Richard did not go entirely into space. The flight altitude was 80 kilometers which is below the official international boundary of the atmosphere and space (100 km), but higher than the boundary of space established by the US Air Force (80 km).

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However, Jeff Bezos's company believes that such a trip cannot be considered space flight, since it will not rise high enough. Bezos himself plans to overcome the 100 km boundary.

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