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Do You Know What Is Virgin Vs Chad Meme? Famous Chad Memes And Virgin Walk Memes

One of the longest-running memes that have spread both on Western social networks is Chad (aka Ched) and Virgin, in the original - Virgin Vs Chad. The template is made up of two opposite characters: the first is considered a withdrawn, insecure and unlucky guy, while the second is a smug and popular young man among women (with the corresponding surname - Thundercock). Chad Memes are portrayed as pumped up, with a prominent blonde hairstyle and bump on his pants, while his opponent is a stooped and unsportsmanlike youth.

Spreading of Virgin vs Chad Meme

chad vs virgin template

In June 2017, the Virgin X and The Chad X meme (part of which was previously called The Virgin Walk) spread on the American segment of the Internet. Through him, 4chan users made fun of themselves - the awkward, introverted losers - and the "Chads."

In the nineties, the name "Chad" was used as a slang term for successful young men in their 20s and 30s. With the spread of the Internet, its meaning evolved and by the beginning of the 2010s had completely changed its meaning.

In 2013, the online folklore Urban Dictionary recorded Chad's name as part of the Chad Thundercock meme.

Chad the Thundering is the nickname for any attractive, popular man who is sexually successful with women (excerpt from the Urban Dictionary).

"Chad" has muscled muscles, wears a tight T-shirt and chiffon hairstyle, and has the Chad stride. He also has a bloated ego and an over-emphasis on sexuality.

Despite the fact that the main peak of the format's popularity fell in 2017, in the following years, memodels did not forget about it. For example, by the end of July, the Chad Vs Virgin template topic on Reddit was still being replenished with new jokes.


The meme about a virgin and Chad is like a meme about a smoker and a healthy person. The main difference: in this meme, both sides are ridiculed, and their most striking features are not only opposed, but also brought to the point of absurdity.

Virgin Vs Chad original memes were most often used in a literal sense - people compared personalities, characters, phenomena, one of which was supposedly superior to the other.

Virgin vs Chad Meme in 2020

virgin vs chad original

And users of social networks received a new reason to remember Chad Gromochlen in the twentieth of July 2020, when they saw a photo with a policeman, who seemed to them the real embodiment of the alpha meme. In the frame, the officer has a similar face shape, hair color, hairstyle, and most importantly, a self-confident look.

While many Twitter users were upset and assured that the real Chad would not have become a cop, other meme lovers used the snapshot as intended.

And someone added a photo of relevance, recalling the fresh format with the pale Mark Zuckerberg, who again convinced people: the head of Facebook is not a person.

For other models, the frame evoked associations with a gamer of Nordic appearance, who calmly agrees with provocative statements.

However, numerous inhabitants of Twitter and Reddit took notice: in fact, the frame, apparently, was photoshopped. In the original image, the guy has a much more conventional hairstyle, and his chin is not stretched out as in the photo toad.

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