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Visit the Louvre without leaving your home


The Louvre, the most well-known and visited museum of France, has presented an online platform, containing all the artwork of the museum, which consists of more than 480,000 exhibits. The Louvre announced this news on Friday.

All art lovers now have an excellent opportunity to observe the entire collection of the museum on the site. But what's the most important- completely for free.

The website features works from the museum's collections of eight departments, beginning from Islamic art and Renaissance sculptures, ending with Egyptian antiquities and other paintings by artists from all around the world.

“For the first time, anyone can reach the entire collection of artworks and for free, no matter whether you do it from a computer or smartphone”- said Jean-Luc Martinez, the director of the Louvre in his recent speech. He is sure that this new format will inspire people to come to the museum and see everything with their own eyes”- he added.

The site is quite easy to use. Visitors can find what they want with a simple search or thematic albums. There is also a map by which people can explore the museum and see all of its works, "traveling" room by room. Museum experts are planning to regularly update the site as the museum collection is slowly but growing.

Due to the pandemic, the Louvre had to close its doors at the end of October. And since that time it has been empty without the usual large crowds of people. However, the museum is currently experiencing long-planned renovations.

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