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Wack Meme Is Popular Again: Hannibal Buress Says A Funny Word Wack

Surely you have watched or heard about this Eric Andre Show and know who Hannibal Buress is. Recently, a Wack meme went viral on the network, which was created from a frame with the participation of this character. This picture is most often used to describe bad or unfavorable situations.

Wack Meme Origin

wack meme

2012 On July 2, the first season of The Eric Andre Show aired. This frame with Hannibal Buress Wack was taken from the eighth episode and began to be actively used as a Wack meme template for creating various images or for inserting into funny videos.

Spread of the Hannibal Buress Wack Meme

The image of Buress with the caption “Wack” began to actively circulate on the Tumblr portal after 2 years. In 2014, on September 23rd, a person named your-butthole created a post and posted this Hannibal Buress reaction image. It became very popular with over 170,000 notes.

After that, this Whack meme began to be used by the majority of Tumblr users and went beyond the scope of this social network. Now this picture can be found on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and on the 4chan portal.

For example, a version of the Hannibal Burress Wack meme was uploaded to Lolpics, which describes an unpleasant situation and about unrealistic expectations of a person about too fast delivery and this ends with the word “Wack”.

Hannibal Burress Wack meme

Another situation in the Wack Hannibal Buress meme that is familiar to all of us. Indeed, immediately after waking up, there is a feeling as if the world is adjusting and you need to wait a little, which of course is not a very pleasant feeling described in Wack meme with guy Hannibal Burress.

Wack Hannibal Buress meme

Even Hannibal Buress saw the meme of himself and decided to tag it in his tweet on July 9, 2017. You can see Buress' original tweet below.

Hannibal Buress meme

Wack Hannibal Buress Memes Compilation

In adolescence, guys begin to grow actively and the doorway sometimes becomes too low for them. In such a situation, you can only say: “Wack”.

wack meme guy

And this Hannibal Whack meme is familiar to drummers who perform with their band. An awkward moment when all the members of the music group turn around and look at you at the same time, you might even think that you did something wrong or ruined everything.

Thats Wack meme

Someone decided to turn Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob into a Hannibal Buress meme. This is really a complete Wack, if it turned out to be not a hangout with adults, but you brought drugs there.

Wack reaction image

That's Wack meme would never end, because it is so suitable for absolutely everything! Moreover, its popularity is growing every year and everything is very cyclical. Some Hannibal Burress Whack memes recede into the background, while others, on the contrary, are suddenly remembered and give them a second life.

Wack Eric Andre

The Hannibal Wack meme tells us that you should never swear near your mother, because she’ll always turn this into an instructive lesson and would stand and teach you life. She can instantly turn on cyborg mode and start scolding you mercilessly like in this Wack reaction image.

The authors of the blog do not want such funny Wack Eric Andre pictures like this meme to be forgotten by users. Keep using your favorite memes and tell your friends about them. Let's try to give a second life to those pictures like Hannibal Burres Wack memes, which many have already forgotten about.

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