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In 2023, the Fans of the Walking Dead Series Will See a New Spinoff

Walking Dead Spinoff

Despite the fact that The Walking Dead is coming to an end on the eleventh season, in the future, the fans can expect a number of spinoffs, to the list of which one more has been added. AMC has unveiled a spinoff series called Isle of the Dead.

Events will take place in Manhattan, which was cut off from the rest of the world and filled with zombies. In the plot, there will be the heroes of the original series, Maggie and Negan. They will again be played by Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Any other details about the show haven't been revealed yet.

The series is scheduled to premiere in 2023 with six episodes in its first season.

Earlier, the creators of the series decided to divide the last season into several blocks. The second part of 8 episodes is currently being broadcast. The third one will air later this year.

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