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Walt Disney World’s Collaboration With McDonald’s Presents a New Happy Meal

Walt Disney World’s Collaboration With McDonald’s

This year, Walt Disney World celebrates its 50th anniversary. And to mark this event, a new Happy Meal in collaboration with McDonald’s was presented. A limited-edition launch will feature 50 figures from different Disney franchises and movies. Each toy will sit on a stand and will be completed with special cardboard. The novelty is scheduled for September 14 and will be available until October 25 in McDonald's locations. However, the fast-food chain has not officially confirmed the news yet but is expected to in the coming days.

Among the characters are: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Abu, Bambi, characters from Frozen 2, Tinker Bell, characters from Toy Story, Goofy and Pluto, Dory, Lady, Edna Mode, Simba, Stitch, Winnie The pooh, Woody, Groot, Dumbo, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, Timon and Pumba, Chip, Nemo, and others. Collectors will also have a possibility to acquire toys from Happy Meal individually, although this will depend on the store. Many of the figures will also receive a statue made of gold which will be shown at one of the four resort parks.

What's more, Disney Parks will also present some new attractions, such as Remy's Ratatouille Adventure. In addition, the new Space 220 restaurant and the KiteTails show will arrive at Animal Kingdom.

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