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Wear OS Team Revealed Some Interesting Details of the Upcoming Update for Smartwatches

smartwatch update

Right before the start of Google's annual I/O conference, the Wear OS team of developers posted a message that they are going to reveal some of the long-expected modifications for the OS this week.

Fans have waited for a long time for the update of Google's Wear OS operating system. And since Google purchased Fitbit company, some said that Google will finally add some new elements from the Fitbit operating system in the Wear OS. In addition, it will also make Google-branded wearables.

It was said that Samsung is actually going to give up its Tizen operating system and choose Wear OS for the forthcoming smartwatch. This means that a new Samsung Galaxy Watch model will surely get Wear OS. The main marketing advantage of Wear OS is the exceptional support for unfamiliar applications available in the Wear OS Play market.

It was also added that the new watch may be presented in three variants. One version will have a more classic design, while others will look more sporty.
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