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WeChat Starts Blocking Accounts with LGBT Content | China Restricts the Rules


One of the most popular social networks in China has recently deleted the accounts of students and other nongovernmental groups that featured LGBT content.

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WeChat sent a notification to the account owners about breaking the rules, not providing further details. According to the founder of the LGBT group, who wished to stay unknown, dozens of accounts were blocked on Tuesday. The holder, who is now afraid of the government punishment, added that the personal stories and photos were also deleted.

Recently, China has increased its control over gay and lesbian content. Yet, it is unknown if such a gesture is related to the Chinese authorities. But the official attitude is becoming more strict.

According to the polls that were held, five percent of the country's population counts LGBT people. But unfortunately, sexual minorities continue to face discrimination. However, such issues are constantly discussed, some LGBT events are still blocked by the authorities.

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